for our April Gallery Showcase featuring the amazingly talented, MEGAN CORBALLY, presenting her collection, " 15 Months" ....

As fans of showcasing beauty in ways only thought to be unimaginable, abnormal, and quite grotesque [ in certain minds' eyes ], we welcome Megan and her vivid pop-art-inspired collection to the boutique with great excitement.  

"15 months" showcases a collection that's been in the making for quite some time, where hardships, darkness, and pain, led Megan to finding her artistic voice through her very own style.

A note from Megan:
" All of the paintings I've been working on recently are part of a series called 15 Months. I've been through a hell of a lot since November 2014; a lot of myself was taken from me against my will, my mind has traveled to places I never dreamed existed, I had no direction, and I didn't understand/know myself. Darkness was all that I could see. Through all of this, I've realized that beauty is omnipresent in this life. There are immense amounts of beauty in pain, beauty in suffering, beauty in the grotesque...it surrounds us always, and in recognizing this, I've been able to see through the darkness that has clouded my head for so long. There is no need to be afraid of inner darkness or violent thoughts...don't shut them out, don't ignore them...instead we must understand them, embrace them, and overcome them.

I paint gross/violent/weird things (that would normally make people go "ew" and look away in real life) in a way that makes them intriguing rather than repulsive in order to show that beauty surrounds us always (but only if we choose to see it). "


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