'BLOOMED' Installation + PUNCH PARTY w/ Sarah Tector


for an art + punch party featuring the multi talented Sarah Tector of S.Tector Metals in collaboration with Visual Art Exchange on Saturday August 19 from 1-4pm!

Partnering with VAE Raleigh for their upcoming call MULTIPLES, Sarah has taken what she does best, metalworking, and created a field of architectural art throughout our front window display!

Stop by to take a look at the installation, meet + greet with the artist over some powerful punch, + if interested, sign up to possibly become one of VAE's next artists in line! :)

We hope to see you guys and gals there!


About Sarah Tector :

Working with my hands has always been a natural fit and source of fulfillment. While deciding where to go in life and what to study I was fortunate enough to have parents that said to pick a field that would make me happy. Metalsmithing satisfied many parts of my creative brain; designing and making in 3D, using mixed materials, and fantastic tools. And while I have made silverware, bowls, and pendant lights amongst other things, jewelry is the most recognized form of what I can do. Treating it as small-scale sculpture, my pieces catch the eye when on the body or not. I create clean, geometric, and architecturally influenced pieces in sterling silver, cast bronze, powder coating, and other mixed materials. These are mainly one-of-a-kind, limited edition, and production pieces of jewelry and most recently collaborations, allowing me to push myself out of my creative comfort zone and the opportunity and challenge of artistic evolution.


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