G E T  T O  K N O W  U S.


We’re often asked how we go about selecting the piece we sell, or if we have specific criteria for each piece (everything made locally, based on certain trends, etc.). We like getting this question because it gives us an opportunity to explain the values of a business and the style we curate.


Our last blog post explains how our muted color section formed organically based on what we value in the clothing piece – things that are structured, modern, unique, and clean, with an additional emphasis on fit and quality. Our collections, both men and women’s, come from all over the world and move from season to season based less on trends and more on timeless poise.


Our private label, which features clothing and accessories carefully selected from a variety of vendors that reflect our style, has in the past dominated our women’s pieces. Our huge selection allows us to carefully choose and create unique collections that we feel good about selling under the store’s brand.  The store has also featured pieces by six crisp days – a chic and modern line for women, NEUW denim, and Religion co. – with many more on the way as we expand and move into fall ’16.


Our men’s pieces are more brand-centric, as we find our male clients are more focused on consistency and brand loyalty. Our NEUW denim is a staple - with skinny and slim straight styles available in a selection of washes, they’ve earned a solid spot in the business. Our shirts, wovens, and tee’s offer a variety of textures and fits – Scotch & Soda, a client favorite, features a tapered, slim look in contrast with the longer, boxier fits on 7 Diamonds and Civil society – plus so much more. Since each brand offers both stylish basics and out-of-the-box designs, it’s easy to keep clients happy with consistency of fit while keeping the selection fresh.


Our equally curated accessories assist our clothing selection. Comfortable shoes, sleek bags, and bralettes for women top off the looks. We constantly offer a selection of hearty, Goodyear welted Bed Stu shoes and belts, modal WOOD underwear, and Wilmington-based grooming products from Forge & Foundry for men. 


All of these selections reflect both our values and the values of the clients – we are a go-to for many who want a constant supply of one product, as well as an opportunity to shop something new and fresh. With an exciting future ahead, we plan to expand our selection without losing sight of what makes The Art Of Style what it is - curated, unique, classic. 


-The TAOS Team

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