First Friday | MARK MALEK

Hard to believe it's that time again, art lovers + style seekers...

First Friday is just around the corner and this month we highlight graphic designer and artist, Mark Malek!

"Mark Malek is a trained graphic designer who uses strong graphical representations of the human body to question social and metaphysical ideals. His artwork comes from a place of honesty, displaying his experience with keeping secrets, anxiety, and a deconstruction of his faith in God. The result is a visual narrative about love and acceptance. Mark’s work uses a wide range of mediums including charcoal, acrylic, coffee, and linocuts, which are often juxtaposed unexpectedly and reflect his growing interest in exploring new techniques to represent his own struggles."

Come in, get to know Mark + his artwork, shop our brand new collections at 20% off + let's party, guys!

As usual.... grab your folks and we shall see you all on the 1st!
Happy early March!


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