First Friday // MIND. BODY. SOUL.

First Friday  //  MIND. BODY. SOUL.

First Friday
October 7
6 - 9pm



for The Art of Style's very FIRST, FIRST FRIDAY in the new Downtown Raleigh location!  
Not only are we partying it up with drinks from our very own in house bartender, JAY ROSS with MOONSHINERS BEVERAGE COMPANY, tunes, and a preview of our newest artist, MOLLY CANOVA, but we are celebrating our 5th Annual MIND. BODY. SOUL. event! :)

Every year we take the time out of our busy schedules to focus on our mental, whether it be through yoga, meditation, poetry readings, music, and this year.... spiritual guidance with our very own Tarot readings from Guide, Dr. Phillip Young.
$10 gets you a 5 card reading, $20 gets you 10 (kendra went for the 10 card option and it was based on career, so you can ask her about her experience. but fyi, he NAILED it...)

Drinks, treats, tarot readings, shopping, art...
what more could you ask for in a very first, First Friday?  
SAVE THE DATE, style seekers...

You don't want to miss this! :)

[ Philip Young, PhD is a professional spiritual adviser who has been reading tarot/oracle cards professionally since 1992 and working as a full-time spiritual adviser since 2013. Besides tarot and oracle card reading, he also works with astrology, the I-Ching, applied kinesiology (muscle testing), and the pendulum. He is the author of Astrology Unlocked, published through Balboa Press in 2013, and co-creator of the Tarot of the Human Experience (with Sasha Campbell) and self-published in 2016. He works with clients locally and internationally. You can read more about his work and services at: ]


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