Brrrr its cold out there, so come on in and lets get cozy with our next artist of the month, Micah Johnson!



Micah’s paintings provide a unique perspective into the mind of an African-American Major League Baseball player. His most prominent works play on the current disparity of African-Americans within baseball. During Micah’s final season in baseball, he was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder. His entire life Micah was trained only to focus on baseball and along the way, he sacrificed his mental health due to the stigma surrounding mental illness. The battles between how the medicine made him feel vs. the struggles of anxiety and depression eventually led him to seek a natural solution. Through abstract expressionism, Micah found a therapeutic outlet that allowed him to let the brush strokes speak when words couldn’t suffice.


As always enjoy some treats and 20% off everything in the store from 6-9pm.

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