THIS SATURDAY and see our friend, the lovely and talented janelle piotrowski as she showcases her art at our month gallery showcase. She will be featuring her newest pen and ink drawings which will all be for sale that day as well as through the rest of the month of November. 


As always, expect drinks, snacks, beautiful clothing (@ 20% OFF) and great company. 






19 west hargett st




Artist Statement About the Collection - 'EVOLVE':

Evolve - “to develop from a simple to a more complex form.”
Working primarily with pen and ink, my recent work is a reflection of cumulative experiences and struggles throughout the course of my life, which have caused me to evolve and develop into the person I am today. The multitude of life experiences that constitute the person into whom I have evolved has determined my choice of medium for this body of work. I use the smallest tip micron pen to create thousands of layered dots, which results in a variety of tints, tones and shades creating depth within the work. This technique, known as stippling, metaphorically represents my life. 
Initially, my subject matter consisted of animals and insects. I enjoy the idea of using them as surrogates for specific human experiences and emotions. Insects particularly fascinate me because they have a hard exoskeleton while soft on the inside. This dichotomy is a reflection of me. I appear one way on the outside; however, outsiders are unaware of my inner struggles. The use of wood as my canvas seems to be perfect for this subject matter because it brings an element of nature into the work. Recently I have started to employ other elements, aside from just animals, insects and the use of wood, into my body of work. My life is currently in transition, and my art mirrors that. 
I am fascinated with integrating geometry into my work because it’s a compelling juxtaposition of line and form. Another way in which I create this contrasting effect is by employing red ink for the geometric shapes and black ink for the actual images. My decision to use two especially strong colors, such as red and black, further reflects the dichotomous nature of my work and of my life. -janelle




we hope to see you all there!



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