Gallery Showcase // Olivia Hockaday


as we celebrate our newest artist of the month, OLIVIA HOCKADAY, with a Gallery Showcase on Saturday, August 27 from 3-5pm at the boutique!  

Olivia is known for her abstract acrylics and figure paintings that focus on using the body as a way to showcase the raw emotion behind human nature. 

"Human nature and bodies are my source of inspiration. I seek to relate to others by translating the raw emotion I experience into communicative forms. My favorite hobby is creating false narratives around strangers or found objects. I grew up with imaginary friends and i am obsessed with stories.
I am always hungry for raw content to work with so I try to see life very vividly, I welcome every emotion. I am observant purely because i want to record as many moments and spaces as I can. " 

Olivia's current series 'PRESENT' centers around the exploration of time and what it means to truly find yourself in the present moment.  

You can check out her work and bio on her website: 

8.27.16 3-5pm

Enjoy snacks, treats, a meet and greet with the artist, and of course....SHOPPING!  

See you party people soon!

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