A new month is among us....
and of course that means a new artist has taken over our boutique!

Please welcome our October artist of the month, Sara Buxton, as we celebrate her with her First Friday Showcase on October 6, 6-9PM!

Mix and mingle with Raleigh's art crowd, shop Sara's work, sip craft beer + Mati mosas from Pelagic Beer and Wine, and of course shop our newest fall collections all evening long!

Like always, it will be a blast, so grab your party pals and make it a date!

See you all on First Friday! :)


Artist Bio:

" I have always worked in high risk government jobs in the social work/direct care field. Three years ago, I was injured by a behaviorally autistic child I was working with and had to have a very complicated knee surgery. My doctor said I would never run again and functionally would never be able to bike or backpack/camp again (two things I did regularly and are my inspiration). This pushed me into a depression void due to the lack of exhilaration and challenges. While I was unable to be active outdoors, I started making functional art and wanted to get into making custom bike racks out of metal. I then practiced with plasma cutting since I have never done it before. I made a Narwhal for my first piece (the narwhal is my spirit animal!). I was commissioned to make the feather logo for a large brewery here in Raleigh, which truly helped me feel my art was valuable. I started making smaller pieces for personal art, and I’ve found that the smaller pieces have become my favorite maker style because it gives me something to immerse myself in. Making art for the community has filled that void of being outdoors and active.

I uniquely call my work “art without a plan” because I’m dyslexic and terrible with math/numbers so planning my art is a difficult challenge. I specialize in metal (plasma cutting) and reclaimed wood. My work centers around bikes (my biggest passion), the ocean, being outdoors, and custom commission (for both personal and business use). I have also done functional builds such as bike racks and bike cargo boxes."



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