Our annual MIND.BODY.SOUL. event is here, style seekers.


With Autumn officially here, nows the time to take a breather from the norm of your insanely hectic schedules to focus on what's best for you + your mental....
We like to think of it as a little R + R before the holiday craze.

Our favorite advisors will be on board to seamlessly guide your trifecta of wellbeing into a more balanced system because we all know- when one entity (mind, body or soul) is out of whack, the others will follow.

The Trifecta :

*Mental + Physical*
The Coaches, acupuncturists, and massage therapists from The Living Room- Raleigh will be in store offering chair massages + one on one consultations to help all of us find our center.
[ https://www.thelivingroomraleigh.space ]

Philip Young, spiritual advisor + owner of Black Unykorn Tarot and Astrology, will be offering up guided tarot card readings to help you better understand life's path for your current journey.

The Art :

Artist of the Month, Kent Corley Photography, will be featuring his newest photo collection with muses, Kai and Michelle.

“I’ve been a professional photographer for more years than I care to mention- always trying to strike a balance between creating meaningful, fulfilling work and paying the bills. The further I get in my career the more I realize how important personal work really is in keeping me grounded.

I’m fortunate to know brave, honest people like Kai and Michelle that want to share their Beauty and Love with the world. It was an honor to work on this project with them.”

Instagram @kdcfoto

This is our favorite event of the year, so we hope you can take a little personal time for yourself and join us for a little peace, love, and happiness. ♥

See you all on the 5th!!

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