G E T   T O   K N O W   U S.


Beyond our constant strive for quality, fit and style in each of our pieces, as a business we try to create consistent elements that make us unique and distinguished.


One of those things is our monthly local artist spotlight, where we connect with an artist from the area and decorate the store with their work, offering background information, artist info, and price rates to interested customers. Then, towards the end of the month, we throw an open, in-store party for the artist (+ their friends & family).  There we’ve got snacks, store specials, and drinks, often teaming up with local business like the Raleigh Wine Shop. The artist has a meet and greet where they get an opportunity to share more about their work.


We love doing this for several reasons. Were committed to giving back to the community – and since we are local ourselves, we want to dish out support to as many in-the-area artists as we can. The mix of connections gets us new clients and the artist new fans – plus who doesn’t love parties? Win-win-win.


A new feature gets our creative juices flowing, too. To accommodate the new style, we rearrange the whole store – mirrors, displays, cash wrap, everything. Since we incorporate a wide variety of art into the store – photography, oil paintings, acrylics, portraits – we feel that each artist deserves a store layout unique to their style. This way, the work is properly highlighted, the clients have a whole new shop to explore, and we get pumped for a new month by choosing how to arrange our beloved pieces.


The monthly tradition began 1 year into the business, and has proven to a favorite among our clients and us with endless mutual benefits. The constant flow and change in inspiration has been refreshing for us time and time again. Getting to know each artist and their work helps us feel connected to the entire ecosystem of art, style, and craft of Raleigh.  


If you are interested in being featured in the store in an upcoming  month, contact or call / text 919-755-3333.


We want to thank everyone for their support and teamwork that has allowed us to keep up this tradition and hope to see all of you soon. ;)


-The TAOS team



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