wood is good.
booze is good .

wood + booze together?
well ... now that's just the perfect combination.

J O I N U S ...
for an afternoon of LIVE MODELS, BOOZE, SHOPPING, + loads of fun as we showcase our newest collection from underwear brand, WOOD, along with a POP-UP bar presented by Moonshiner's!

light that fire inside of you and stop by to shop the newest WOOD + art of style collections, sip a cocktail, or you know....just check out the hot, hot scenery ;)
whatever your reason for coming....
make sure you do.

WOODn't you like to win a FREE PAIR of Wood Underwear this saturday, style seekers?!
well... of course you WOOD!
one lucky winner will have the chance to win a FREE PAIR of WOOD every hour between 12 - 3 pm, so be sure to pop on over to the boutique to take part in the festivities!
bring your best pun-derwear jokes + your fellow wood workers [aka..friends who rock or would rock some wood] for tons of fun, pop-up bar included!
are you the lucky winner?
come take your chances...

don't miss out, style seekers!
see you all, oh so soon...

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