our september gallery showcase featuring kendra's daughter, KAYLA PROSSEDA is set for saturday, september 19 from 3-5pm! 

join KAYLA for her very first gallery showcase next weekend, art lovers! we're telling you...this girl is talented!

kayla is a sophomore at broughton high school with an amazing eye for pop, mod art that heavily influences her artistic style. using pen and pencil, she focuses on line, shading, and silhouettes that create a unique and interesting work of art.

artist info:
"my inspiration...the doors rock band. when i first experienced their tunes, the music went thru my soul like magic. i've been very much in love with Jim Morrison and his "music" or poetry, i think his stuff is pretty powerful if you really listen to the words. i really admire the 60s and 70s culture, with all of their love and peace because i'm not a fan of war and violence. along with that era, comes pop art,  and of course in my opinion, the best pop art was produced by Andy Warhol. i started with pop art originally, but my range of art grew as i advanced. i haven't taken any art classes because i wanted to see how far i could go  without lessons... but i would love to paint, so i plan on doing something with that in the near future. but The Doors (along with other artists) have definitely shaped my view of the world and music (or poetry). i think the 60s and 70s gave me a different perspective, and i realized that i admire the way that people thought back then. they weren't as selfish and awful as they are today. they appreciated a lot more. i believe  that stepping outside of your own personality sometimes is good, and testing the bounds of society/ reality is essential in one's life because it shows who you are as a human being, as a whole."

meet and greet the artist, herself, all while sipping drinks, snacking on treats, and shopping the store at 25% off from 3-5pm only!

you don't want to miss this showcase, people!

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