As a quick observation would show, our collections are not particularly colorful. We are more than rooted in neutrals – we live in them. It was never exactly a calculated move – we based our collections on what we thought the local market would want and need – and the business ended up evolving in that direction.


Being based out of the south, consumers tend to have differing opinions of a closet full of black, white and beige. Some say it’s a fashion default, looking towards European trends – others say it’s a lazy way to look chic without much effort – some think its just plain no fun (we have to disagree...we think we're the most fun bunch in game!)


That said, the best thing about our clients is that many of them have an individual sense of style and know how to make our pieces their own.  Though dedicated stylists ourselves, we love hearing client's unique ideas on what they will do with a piece that totally changes the look and vibe – after all, we’re all about finding yourself.


Again, the store doesn’t have a rule – we want our items to be timeless, versatile, and cohesive with one another, and our color(l-ess) palette is the result of that. We love the striking, edgy vibes from black & white, and the elegance of grey, beige and navy.  And while we certainly are inspired by European fashion, it’s these core values – edgy, unique, curated, modern looks – that give the store its style.   


We know that an outfit takes more than a bunch of neutrals laying over one another to look cohesive. It’s in the materials, the fit, the look, and the confidence of wearer – and while we like to make our pieces easy to style, no amount of black and white can create a true “cop out” for style. Color is just the canvas for the wearer to build their look, and our favorite thing in the world is to help a client do just that.


Whether shopping with us in-store or online, we do our best sell each piece with honesty and inspiration. Whether you're an all-black addict like us, or just looking for a elegant new piece to break out,  what we lack in color we're sure to make up for in timeless, unique style. 


We're always available during business hours though email, phone or text. Let us serve you. 


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