We've spent years telling our story. So for our next project, we're asking for yours.

Our business is about a passion for people just as much as it is about clothing - we just happen to think those two things go together beautifully, and our clients have stories to prove it. We've accumulated bits and pieces of emotion, growth and other simple special moments that are connected to our clothing. But who better to tell these than our clients themselves? We want your Art of Style memories, moments, selfies, and stories...anything that you would want the world to know about your connection with us. 

We're approaching 10 years in business and with another location on the way, we think now is as good a time as any to reflect on our decade in business. From there, we want to amplify the results of the human connections that have kept our business where it needs to be all these years. 

Submissions will be collected and compiled into a blog entry to be posted on our website at a later date. A select few will also appear in our upcoming coffee table book, Disrobed, where we photograph several of our many well-dressed clients and share the stories in print.

Want to participate?

Anyone can.

Even if you shopped with us only once or twice, we want to hear from you.

Read the prompts below to jog some memories you may want to share, then type them into the provided spaces. Not every prompt needs to be filled in, but we prefer you answer at least two so we get a better idea of your voice. Make your answers as long as you'd like. There are no wrong interpretations of these questions. Just start writing. Our prompts have a starting point based on The Art of Style, but we want the answers to be about you.

Make sure to leave your full name + contact info so we can reach out about your submission + possibly set up a photo shoot for our book...;)


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