9 years have come. 9 years have gone. And 99 more years are definitely in the works. It's time to celebrate.  

We are approaching a decade in business and the years have flown by, as time does. 

Yet each of these days, weeks and months are caulk full of moments that are so full of learning, emotion and catharsis that when we're in them, it’s hard to identify a ‘before’ or ‘after’. The phrase ‘9 lives’ is often used to reference a seemingly endless loop of chances and rebirths - emotion can manipulate how we interpret the passage of time. Our passion for what we do creates an energy that pushes us forward.  

We believe in the significance of numbers - and entering our 10th year in 2020 feels like the perfect time to begin our next chapter as stylists, creators, and entrepreneurs. Part of that is using our resources to shift the focus to the people who have, in one way another, contributed to our success. 

Over the years, we have developed an organic ‘contract’ of authenticity with our clients.  At its base, our end of the deal is to provide transparency and clarity on the details of the clothing in our collections. The chronology of events begins with our curation of items, and it ends when someone wears their piece from us.

It is when that garment or outfit is brought into the context of that person’s lifestyle that the second ‘side’ of the authenticity contract is met. The life lived in the clothing is both the end of this narrative and the most interesting part of it.

This year, the '9 lives' theme of the fashion show isn't just about our journey running the business - it's about getting out of our heads and shifting the spotlight to some of the many people that have helped shape this brand into what it is today.

Aside from a celebration, the objective of our fashion shows is to show the audience our clothing as it is lived in. It is, literally, setting the stage for our clients to express their own narrative. Our style simply enriches the details.

That’s why we continue to create projects that take our branding outward and into the lives of the people. Our business began with a story, and as it grows, it continues to be strengthened by them. The products and knowledge we bring to the community serve as a way to connect with others, learn their experiences, and grow. 

With the fashion show right around the corner and exciting new projects only slightly ahead of that, we can't wait to share our style + stories with you. 

The Art of Style 9 LIVES Fashion Show | November 24, 2019
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