Brand Spotlight : AERYNE


AERYNE is a Swedish brand with its creative studio located in Paris, and their pieces reflect this beautifully.  The design of each garment is a seamless cultural blend of Sweden's mature simplicity + Parisian individuality. This is a brand that loves women. Offering comfort,  quality, and the perfect mix of maturity and whimsy, these collections are a dream for both stylists and consumers.

Since carrying the brand at The Art of Style, we have been able to see the surreal + ambitious patterns and sexy silhouettes come to life on our clients. Taking cool, comfortable, cutting-edge styles to bringing them into the daily lives of modern women is something AERYNE and The Art of Style both strive for.

Each woman has their interpretation of the garments that they buy - it is this individuality that drives AERYNE'S design process. Below are some editorial shots of our in-store selection, spanning from evening cocktails to a stroll through the city.

Shop these looks + more in-store and online, knowing that we're always one click / call / text away to offer our styling advice and services.


Jess Henry
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