Brand Spotlight : MARCELLAMODA

Meet the latest + greatest execution of an all-black fall collection, courtesy of family-owned Bulgarian fashion brand Marcellamoda.

Garments in this collection reflect a brand which has a strong sense of self in a minimalistic package, emphasizing fit, style and craftsmanship. See the details on this revolutionary new brand + shop the looks created by our in-house stylists. 

T H E  C O N C E P T I O N .

As with any art form, the goal is often to say a lot with a little. Marcellamoda's minimal designs excel at this - the fit, style, and movement in each piece is a product of inspiration from one of the world's most culturally rich fashion capitals : New York City.

T H E  F A B R I C A T I O N .

Most garments are constructed from jersey knit fabric, known for its high stretch and durability. The fabric is constructed from a blend of viscose + lycra, giving each design an exquisite drape, fluid + natural movement, and a buttery soft hand. All sweatshirt + fleece style pieces are made from organic cotton.

T H E  J O U R N E Y .

Marcellamoda's collections are careful and deliberate - every step of the way. All materials are locally sourced + produced by hand in Europe, with special attention going to the fit, movement and overall wearability of the garments. The 'quality over quantity' approach is reflected in their limited, meticulously curated collections - which then make their way all over the world.

O N  Y O U . 

The beauty of these timeless pieces is that, while they fare beautifully on their own, they can be built upon to achieve a myriad of looks to fit into anyone's lifestyle. Learning how to style these not-so-basic basics is the key to elevating your entire wardrobe with only a few pieces. Here's a peek at our stylist's interpretation of how to wear the FW19 collection.

Here we reworked the MCKAY midi dress by layering with a voluminous skirt, featuring a front slit to allow the asymmetric hemline to show through. The movement + contrasting texture of the skirt transforms this LBD into an entirely new style without taking away from the details of the original garment.

To add to the alluring elegance of this JAE Midi Dress, we continued playing with asymmetry by adding a single fingerless leather sleeve + assorted gold jewelry. The design of the dress is focused heavily on fit, but the edge + sheen of the accessories give off a more elevated, personalized finish. 

There a lot to unpack with the SAWYER top - functioning as a shirt, scarf, and shrug. We put it into practice by layering it with the edgy + elegant TAYLOR dress to add texture + depth to the all-black look. 

Take the plunge and shop Marcellamoda while it's new, fresh...and in stock. 

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