Brand Spotlight : MARIGOLD SHADOWS

Whether you’re a shopper or a buyer, the over-saturation of the women's apparel market can cause a sort of desensitization. When a model or influencer is expertly sporting every trendy, mediocre clothing item as a closet staple, how are we to know what will fit into the lifestyle of the modern, fashionable woman? Part of the service offered by The Art of Style is our ability to find the most preeminent brands and bring them to our shoppers.

When we discovered Marigold Shadows, an avant-garde clothing brand, it checked all of our boxes : creative, sophisticated styles, approachable pricing, neutral tones. Moreover, its made-to-order manufacturing is refreshingly sustainable and offers a feeling of exclusivity. We were ecstatic to bring these features to our clients.

The CA-based company designs pieces with authentic emboldened details, matched by practical versatility. One of our favorite examples of this is our styling of the 'CHOUKO' cut out dress :


The feminine cut of the skirt and functional front buttons create a convertible dress / dramatic hi-lo tunic / vest. The bodice is structured as its own top, which gives the illusion of clean, professional layers, but without extra effort. Coupled with boots and a sleek pair of leggings, we’ve created a three-piece look with a ton of intrigue. When we say we want versatility, this is exactly what we’re describing.

Here’s a look where we combined the ‘IRREGULAR POCKET SWEATSHIRT’ with the enchanting ‘MUSSET LEATHER DRESS’. The asymmetry of the sweatshirt paired with the bold vegan leather creates a high street look, but with a sense of maturity.

Our service is rooted in helping clients find clothing that will integrate into, and enhance their everyday lives. As stylists, we assemble the looks. As buyers, we search for clothing that is worth the investment. The best brands are the ones that help yield a seamless relationship between the garment, the stylist and the shopper.

Marigold Shadows creates pieces with simple concepts, elevated with exaggerated silhouettes and fearless details - pieces that are certain to appeal to your minimalist side, your gothic side, and your adventurous side. Consequently, the clothing reflects the lifestyle of our clients - multi-dimensional, individual, and thoughtful.


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Jess Henry
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