Every savvy style-seeker should know about the Cost Per Wear Formula.

Take the total cost of a piece and divide it by the amount of times you've worn it in a given period of time...for an insight to how much you're REALLY paying for your wardrobe.

If you wear a $118 dress 50 times a year, your cost per wear is $2.36. And that $40 dress that you wear twice before giving away or, more likely, forget about entirely? You're out $20 each time, often for something ill-fitting and lacking a WOW factor that makes you feel amazing.

Which would you choose?

Check out Jess in this day-to-night comparison wearing two pieces from our women's collection: The 'WANDA' two piece top ($88) and the 'GRAND PALAZZO PANT' from Italy ($348).



These two completely different looks are based on only three pieces - a shirt, a pant and a classic heel. And when you layer our 'WANDA' together? Boom, look number three. All of these pieces are chic and easy to style together AND separately - likely yielding a low CPW per item!

Shopping based on fit + quality rather than one-and-done fast fashion, as well as learning how to style your pieces ensures that you'll get the most mileage out of each and every garment.

This white pant + tee combo is instantly dressed up with game changer - our 'PRESENCE BLAZER' ($315).

We specifically choose pieces that have the quality + versatility a garment needs to yield the best possible CPW - add a little styling magic (courtesy of you or us) you're on the way the perfect, build-able, cost-effective wardrobe.

Shop in-store + online and see what we can do for you...


Jess Henry
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