Every savvy style-seeker should know about the Cost Per Wear Formula.

Take the total cost of a piece and divide it by the amount of times you've worn it in a given time period. Now you've got an insight into how much you're REALLY paying for your wardrobe.


If you wear a $118 dress 50 times a year, your cost per wear is $2.36. And that $40 dress that you wear twice before giving away or, more likely, forget about entirely? You're out $20 each time, often for something ill-fitting and lacking a WOW factor that makes you feel amazing.

Which would you choose?

Shopping based on fit + quality rather than one-and-done fast fashion, as well as learning how to style your pieces ensures that you'll get the most mileage out of every garment.

We specifically choose pieces that have the quality + versatility a garment needs to yield the best possible CPW - add a little styling magic (courtesy of you or us) you're on the way the perfect, buildable, cost-effective wardrobe.

Shop in-store + online and see what we can do for you...


Jess Henry
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