Most of the clients that come into our store are looking for something; be it a gift, a party dress, or that 'my ex is gonna be there' wedding outfit. Everyone that comes through is doing so in spite of the mall down the road or a fast-fashion website at their fingertips. Not everyone understands it - why go downtown and ask for help when you can Google what you need and sift through yourself. Those accustomed to this "modern" way of shopping may not understand how we keep such a loyal (and growing) client base - at least not until they visit us.

The secret goes beyond the lack of crowds and shipping fees. What we and stores like us have is a level of proactive, involved, personalized communication. When you have an event coming up, we want to hear all about it! The more info we get, the better we can get you in and out with exactly the look you want + need. We've always identified as more than a place that just sells clothes.

We know the most difficult part of shopping is not only finding a piece you like - it's the fit, the quality, what to wear it with, and whether you'll run into 20 other people wearing the same thing. Taking these issues on for you to curate the best possible look is what we do - and we're pretty great at it. Along with our acute and honest observations on what works best for you, we carry only 1-2 of each size to ensure you're looking chic + unique. Mass-minded retailers - whose focus is on getting the most pieces to the end-user as quickly and cheaply as possible - are actually making the shopping process harder, by forcing the customer into snap decisions and a lack of variety.

We tell each customer the same thing - consider us your personal stylists; use us! We want shopping to be an experience for our clients, without them feeling overly watched or pressured. We believe that shopping should be easy and FUN - and the way we operate has convinced even the biggest skeptics that this is possible. Our store is about lifestyle - that's why we love our brick-and-mortar located in the heart of Downtown Raleigh, where so many people already live, work and play.

Many assume that all people who work in retail dread the holidays - but we crave it. We love for clients to come to us with a challenge and let us show them what we can do with the amazing merchandise we curate. With all the demanding events that pop up throughout the year, we have everything from dresses + heels, to blazers + ties - and we'll even ensure not to sell your same look to someone attending the same event. So, no matter what you have coming up, we know we're able to make you feel amazing AND unique in your new look - otherwise, we wouldn't be around.

Think of us for your next event or outing and come play dress up!

Believe us....we have you covered.


Jess Henry
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