"I love it, it fits great, but I would never wear it."
"It's beautiful, it's fun but...I don't get out as much anymore, I don't need stuff like this."
"It does feel great, but I feel like it's too cool for me."
PAUSE. Cut those sentences in half and take a look at the first part. You love it. It fits. It's beautiful. It makes you feel sexy / powerful / polished / cool - all the things that you deserve to feel every time you get dressed.
Many people regard 'feeling like a million bucks' in your outfit as an occasional indulgence. One where you're willing to search + spend on a piece that gives you butterflies when you see yourself rockin' it in the mirror. We are here to tell you that you're entitled to feel that way every single day. You don't have to wait on these mythical special events to permit yourself to invest in you. 
With Cost Per Wear in mind, we specifically sell clothing that is versatile and easy to style so that it may stay in your life for years to come. On our website you'll find many of our dresses pop up under more than one of our subcategories - casual, cocktail, and formal - and that's no error. These pieces work on all these levels. 
One of our multi-category pieces is the 19/91 SORA dress ($348) is a minimal black dress carefully constructed by hand in Italy.
Here, we've styled the dress casually with a flat sandal and artistic statement necklace. It's a simple black dress that transcends the 'occasion' label because its appeal resides in the impeccable details + quality. 
Our sleek new 'GLASS DRESS' ($118) goes from ballroom to brunch with nothing more than a clean, white trainer + a minimal wire earring
This combo yields maximum comfort with its sporty + feminine contrast and cool, summer-friendly cut-outs. 
And fellas - menswear works just the same. A fitted woven shirt can double as a light layering piece with the right tee + jeans
Using basics to balance out the perceived 'dressiness' of a piece can double the use you get out of it. The power of a well-kept sneaker can transform what one may dismiss as a dressy trouser into a sleek alternative to denim, adding a stylish edge to casual tees and button-downs. 
Here at The Art of Style we use our talents to show people how buying the right garments can impact their everyday lives for the better. We want to change the thinking patterns that prevent people from finding + loving themselves through clothing. If it makes you feel good, it has a place in your everyday life - even if you're just wearing it to the grocery store. 
Whether you need a full styling consultation or just a bit of inspiration, we've got your back. It's time to start looking + feeling good all day, every day.
Jess Henry
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