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Every holiday season, the buzz surrounding issues with the way we give gifts gets louder and louder... and for a good reason. Last-minute compromises and stress-induced decisions do well for no one. Gifts purchased thoughtlessly out of social obligation create a cycle of waste, clutter and awkward moments. These are things that people accept as collateral damage that comes along with the holiday season, but not other gift-giving engagements such as weddings and baby showers. The difference? A handpicked gift registry. So we figure - why not apply this to one of the most significant and consistent life necessity - your closet. 

The Style Registry is a streamlined way to let your loved ones know what it is you really want, or snag an air-tight gift for even the trickiest person on your list. Why? Because it’s already been hand-picked and tried on. 

Designed for gift-giving, the Style Registry has evolved into a running wishlist-turned-reality. A 10% deposit reserves any and every item you have your eye on and creates an open account where you + your loved ones can add money or pay off a piece to give to you. Anyone can add to the registry in-store or over the phone to contribute to your dream closet. It’s like having access to an online wish list - only with exclusive, low stock items that you can contribute to - whenever and however you want. 

Out of town? While we may not have an online registry program (yet), we're happy to set one up over the phone. 

Keep following our STYLIST BLOG for curated gift + style guides for more ways to make gift-giving easier than ever.

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