The most informal formal retail experience you’ll ever have. 

The Art of Style is a contemporary boutique that caters to men and women who have an appreciation for style. Here you will find high quality, unique yet current clothing that can fit into any aspect of your life. We curate items that are superior in fit, functionally, and, most importantly, design. We then bring them to you in a sophisticated + fun environment.

Through our services, we are here to make your life easier - not to tell you how to live it. You can browse at your leisure.  You can walk in and out with what you need in a matter of minutes.  You can treat every visit as your styling session.

We are a dedicated team of professionals that have a passion for clothing and an appreciation for the human condition as a whole, whatever it may be. Let us walk with you in style.


We are ready for you. 
New job? 
Celebrating a major weight loss (or gain)? 
Getting ready to hit the dating scene?
No matter the reason, when you're due for a shopping trip, do it right.
Any time you walk in, a stylist is ready to walk you through our selection and help pull pieces specific to your needs (or just whatever the heck you'd look great in).
No appointment needed. Our doors are wide open. 
Enjoy the top tier shopping experience you deserve at the hands of our amazing team.
Anytime you shop and buy, you are automatically entitled to our baseline services, including alterations, item customization, and in-depth styling advice for your items.
Our alteration + customization services include advice on fit, pinning, and the transportation to / from our extremely talented tailor. We can also facilitate custom moderation to your garment, such as adding pockets, zippers, slits, darts - anything you'd like to make the garment that much more personal.
 Even though every visit to our store serves as a personal styling session, we know that some people work better with a schedule + a little extra preparation.
Building a wardrobe (or even a single look) can be a daunting task- it's helpful to have a starting point. We can help with that. 
During your styling appointment, we'll help you figure what it is you want to say with your clothing +  help you with the basics of what to look for to build a well-rounded wardrobe that's authentically you. We'll look at your lifestyle, personality, and outward appearance to help determine what suits you best. 
Have a glass of champagne and enjoy a luxury shopping experience with the help of professional stylists. Setting up an appointment requires a $100 deposit - all of which will go towards clothing / accessories in the store - trust us, we'll make it worth your while. 
Call, text, or email us to set up a styling appointment. 
Make the luxury of our services a staple in your schedule.
The Style Concierge Program takes all the unpredictability, stress, and decision making out of shopping for clothes.
Pick a tier and reap the benefits of your own personal shoppers + stylists, plus additional member-only perks.
Each month, your money will automatically go on a gift card to the store.
Set up an appointment to come try our picks for you, pick it up on the go, or come shop for yourself.
This program gives you automatic access to our styling services, and you can use it however you please.  
Sometimes, you already know exactly what you want. You should have it all in one place.
Designed to perfect the art of gift-giving, the Style Registry has evolved into a running wishlist-turned-reality.
A 10% deposit reserves any and every item you have your eye on and creates an open account where you + your loved ones can add money or pay off a piece to give to you. 
Anyone can add to the registry to contribute to your dream closet - including you. 
This is our way of making gift giving easy + fun while making sure everyone gets exactly what they want. 
Not local? No problem. 

Give us a call / text / email to set up your registry.  

See our Style Registry info page for all the details.