The Style Concierge service is a monthly membership program exclusive to The Art of Style.
This program is designed to change the way you shop - making it easier, more organized, and more fun.
Think of as an automatic budgeting system for your wardrobe - each month, your money will automatically go on a gift card to the store. Set up an appointment to come try our picks for you, pick it up on the go, or come shop for yourself. Even if you know what you love, our stylists can always help find items for you before you even realize there is a 'lack thereof'.
This program gives you automatic access to our styling services, and you can use it however you please.

All tiers include access to a professional stylist who will pull personalized items for you + help you shop.
If these options don't work for you, pick your own tier and we'll be happy to work with you. 


Our minimum expectations package:

You want to dress nice, but don't have a ton of cash to spare (but you do every month on coffee, dinner, drinks, movies, etc.) Why not put that toward your wardrobe?

This package allows you to budget out an amount every month to put towards finding yourself at The Art Of Style.
We want to help you construct a wardrobe that works for your life and your identity.
With this tier, you also get 1 free alteration + 1 free delivery per year. 


Your wardrobe should consist of more than just things you put on your body.
It’s time to invest in pieces that speak to who you are and where you’re going in life.
You know that beauty is what lies beneath the surface and shines through. Our job is to put you in clothing that will amplify your inner light.
With this tier, you also get 2 free alterations + 2 free deliveries per year. 

Life is meant to be enjoyed, so do what you love! 
 We want to dress you for whatever that is. 
Travel, meditation, parties, dinners, business… tell us what you need from your wardrobe and let us do the rest.
You deserve it.
With this tier, you also get 3 free alterations + 3 free deliveries per year. 

You’ve spent years becoming the you that you are today. 
You struggled and overcame every obstacle in your way; you’ve worked hard, so dig in, indulge yourself.
Sit back, relax, and let us work.

With this tier, you also get 4 free alterations + 4 free deliveries per year. 

Like everything we do, we will tailor your membership to your individual needs. Once you sign up, we will set up an (optional) style consultation where we asses what you want + need from the program, as well as basic necessities such as sizing and style preferences. This consultation costs $100 which will be credited towards the store.
Here are some of the ways you can use this program to fit your lifestyle. 
For those who hate shopping. Instead of you ‘coming in to look’ how about we just look for you? We can take all the time and effort out of buying clothes give you pieces that you need in your wardrobe. Come try it on (or have it shipped) and if there's anything you don't love, give it back and keep the money on your account for next month.
For those who LOVE shopping. We'll set aside your budget. You just come in and have fun - we'll be waiting to assist you.
For those who want all things new. We'll pull things throughout the month, as soon as we get 'em, that we know you would love. We'll let you know to come in for a styling session and try it all on, knowing that you're getting first dibs on our exclusive merchandise. 
For the seasonal shopper. Just because we charge monthly, doesn't mean you have to shop monthly. Come in once a season and get your new wardrobe all at once, letting the Style Concierge budget the money for you throughout the year. 
For couples. You + your partner can start a joint account with us and enjoy all the same benefits. 
For everything in between. New jobs, life events, formal engagements, or a first date - use your concierge benefits to ready yourself for any and every style need. Just communicate with us and we'll do the rest. Not enough money on your account to cover everything you want? Pay the difference and take it home day of, or start a style registry and pay it off the next month when your next payment comes around.

When you sign up, we will determine your tier, what you expect from us, and take down your card information. An email will be sent prior to charging your card every month.

We will provide you with a Docusign Code of Ethics to ensure your information is kept private.

 If you cancel your membership before 90 days, we will charge your card $100 for the early termination fee, otherwise, you can cancel anytime with a 30 days notice.

Come by the store, email, or call / text to sign up.