Designed for gift-giving, the Style Registry has evolved into a running wishlist-turned-reality.
A 10% deposit reserves any and every item you have your eye on and creates an open account where you + your loved ones can add money or pay off a piece to give to you. 
Anyone can add to the registry in-store or remotely via phone or email to contribute to your dream closet.
Once you've set up your registry, choose how much you want to contribute each month - any amount! That way you can pay off your picks without even thinking about it. 
Then - tell everyone you know about it!
It’s like having access to an online wish list - only with exclusive, low stock items.
Gone are the days of so-so gifting and impulse buying. And don't forget that you can gift yourself, too. 

It's not about how much money you have, but what you do with it.

Make a monthly contribution. You can hop onto your giftee's account and add in your info for a monthly contribution of your choice to help them pay off their registry faster. 
Pay off one item. You already know they'll love it - they picked it out themselves! Choose an item off the registry and buy it for them.
All the money they've contributed so far will remain on their account for other items.
Make a one-time contribution. Instead of choosing a piece to buy, you can simply add money to the giftee's account and push them closer to their dream closet.
We can notify the giftee of your contribution via a card or email. 
Pay off everything. Give your giftee the haul of a lifetime and pay their remaining balance!
We will notify them that their registry is complete and available for pickup.
Once we’ve established how much you want to contribute each month, we will take down your payment and contact information.
The card will be charged monthly on the date the registry was created. An email notification will be sent before charging. 
Once your (or your giftee's) item is paid off, we will send a notification via the provided contact information.
You then have 90 days to pick up your item or request that we ship it to you.
If not claimed, it will be returned to the sales floor. The credit will remain on your account.